Get Your EV Charger Today. Pay Later.

EV Optimum offers the best financing options for your EV charger installation so you can start saving on energy costs and enjoying the convenience of home charging.

Here's How EV Optimum Can Help With Nothing Upfront Out-of-Pocket:

Flexible Financing: 3 years at 7.99% rate!

We work with trusted finance partners to provide you with the most competitive rates and terms, allowing you to spread the cost of your charger over time with no upfront cash required. Use your own financing or qualify with us for an amazing 3 years at 7.99%!

Potential Cost Savings

Installing an EV charger at home may qualify you for special incentives and rebates depending on your location and your utility company, further reducing the overall cost.

Expert Guidance

Our knowledgeable EV representatives are here to answer your questions and guide you through the entire financing process.

Contact EV Optimum today to discuss your financing options and start reaping the benefits of EV charging at your home!

Ev Optimum Financing

Available EV Charger Rebates

As an eligible homeowner interested in EV charger installation, numerous incentives and rebates could significantly reduce your upfront costs. At EV Optimum, we’re experts at navigating these financial benefits, including federal tax credits, state-sponsored rebates, and local utility offers, to enhance the affordability of your EV charger setup. Our aim is to simplify the process for you, ensuring you get the maximum return on your investment while supporting sustainable transportation and potentially increasing your property’s value.

Reach out to a EV Optimum advisor to explore how these incentives can make EV charger installation more accessible and beneficial for you. Our team will provide personalized assistance, helping you identify and apply for the programs you qualify for. With EV Optimum support, transitioning to electric vehicle ownership is not just eco-friendly but also economically wise, laying the groundwork for a greener, more energy-independent future.

Federal Tax Credit

The US Federal Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property Tax Credit (30C) offers a tax credit for EV charger hardware (including the charger itself) and EV charger installation costs. It covers 30% of the costs with a maximum of $1,000 credit for residential installs. Starting in 2/23, only installations in rural or low-income communities are eligible for the credit.

South Coast AQMD – Incentive Pilot Program

To participate, you must be a low-income resident within the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s four-county jurisdiction. The program is administered on a first-come, first-served basis and provides up to a $250 rebate or the cost paid for the charger, whichever is lower. Low-income residents can qualify for a total rebate of $500 or the cost paid for the charger, whichever is lower.

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